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Veterans Affairs Healthcare With David Hencke (Ep.93)

Veterans Affairs Healthcare With David Hencke (Ep.93)

We’re continuing to share vital services and resources for our veterans. Today, we’re spreading the word about Veterans Affairs Healthcare.

In this episode, Peter Raskin talks with David Hencke*, veteran and outreach coordinator at VA Boston, Department of Veterans Affairs about the healthcare that the VA provides veterans. David shares his time in service with us, and VA care resources for veterans.

David discusses:

  • How he moved into working with the VA after 30 years of service in the military
  • What Veterans Affairs Healthcare is and what type of care they provide veterans
  • Who is eligible for VA Care and how to apply for it
  • Where VA Care is available throughout the country
  • A story about how VA Care helped his WWII veteran father
  • How he’s getting the word out about VA Care to the community of veterans


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