Protect Yourself Against Cyber Crime and Identity Theft (Ep. 78)

Protect Yourself Against Cyber Crime and Identity Theft (Ep. 78)

The saying “prevention is better than the cure” is typically reserved when discussing physical health.  

What if we said the same phrase can be applied to cyber crime and identity theft as well?

In this episode, Peter Raskin discusses steps that you can take to reduce your chances of identity theft or a cyber crime attack. Most hackers don’t want to work that hard, so it’s important to take protective measures to reduce your risk of a cyber attack or identity theft.

Peter discusses:

  • The three ways to reduce your risk online
  • The importance of signing up for e-delivery of all financial documents
  • Why children and seniors tend to be more susceptible to identity theft and cyber crime
  • Why he coaches his staff not send funds via email without in-person meeting first
  • How to protect your computer from fraud and cyber threats 
  • And more!

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