Why You Should Master Retirement Savings Strategies (Ep. 115)

Why You Should Master Retirement Savings Strategies (Ep. 115)

Ever feel overwhelmed by the maze of retirement planning? 

You’re not alone. 

Join Peter Raskin as he ventures into the world of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Born from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, IRAs are now a cornerstone of savvy financial planning. Peter navigates through the complexities of IRAs, covering everything from income taxes and investments to life expectancy and estate planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Traditional IRAs: Understanding their unique functions, the importance of earned income for contributions, and the implications of tax-deferred earnings
  • RMDs: Grasping the necessity of withdrawals from IRAs starting at age 73, and how these are calculated
  • IRA Deductibility: Decoding how participation in employer-sponsored plans and income levels affect your IRA’s tax benefits
  • Roth IRA Insights: Comparing Roth vs. traditional IRAs, exploring the advantages of Roth IRAs including tax-free withdrawals
  • The Pro Rata Rule: Navigating the complexities of the backdoor Roth IRA strategy and its potential tax implications
  • Innovative IRA Options: The groundbreaking 2024 feature allowing 529 plan conversions into Roth IRAs under specific conditions
  • And much more!

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